General conditions Scooterbali,com
The following General Rental Conditions relate to the rental of scooters and accessories by Scooterbali. Scooterbali is a trade name of FDB beheer B.V. which is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under no .: 17202402

Lessor means:; Lessee is understood to mean: The natural or legal person who concludes the rental agreement as lessee and the actual drivers of the vehicle; The rented property is understood to mean: Scooters and all accessories as stated on the rental agreement.

Article 1: The lessee is deemed to have received the rented in good condition and to check this before departure. The lessor is deemed to have delivered the rented property in good condition. If technical problems arise during the ride, the renter is expected to contact the lessor as soon as possible. The lessor will provide a replacement scooter if available. If not possible, the lessor will refund the rental amount minus the elapsed period / kilometers traveled for the scooter concerned to the renter;

Article 2: The lessor declares that all persons in the group reserved by him / her have taken note of these General Rental Conditions. Driving on the rented property is only permitted for persons over 18 years old and in possession of a valid moped certificate or valid driving license. Article 2 does not apply to passengers;

Article 3: The lessor must at all times comply with the applicable legislation and traffic rules, undertakes to use only paved roads and asphalted cycle paths and always handle the rented in a responsible manner. It is forbidden to drive from or against curbs, to use alcohol, drugs and / or medicines (which can affect driving skills) before or during the rental period;

Article 4: The lessee must have paid the total amount of the rental agreement (including deposit) no later than 14 days before the start of the reserved date. Payment is made in advance and must be transferred to account NL71RABO0171082915  t.n.v. FDB beheer B.V., stating the name of the lessor and the reserved date;

Article 5: The scooters are insured by means of a third-party liability insurance, Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Act. The tenant or driver has been informed about this and therefore agrees to this limited insurance cover upon entering into the rental agreement, to which an excess of € 175.00 applies. The tenant therefore acknowledges that he is at least liable for the deductible amount for all possible damage to the rented property regardless of this damage caused by negligence,  gross negligence or intent during the use of the rented property, see also Article 7;

All clients are strongly recommended to obtain appropriate travel and medical insurances. Getting travel insurance which covers any potential disadvantages during your holiday including illness, injury, death, 3rd party damage and cancellations is advisable.

Article 6: The hirer or driver is obliged to remove the key from the ignition and use the steering lock when parking, to take accessories that are not inseparably connected to the scooter and to lock the scooters with the supplied chain lock on the rear wheel. The renter is responsible and liable for the correct storage of the scooter and a good and correct attachment to an inseparable object (for example a lamppost). The scooters may never, ever be left unlocked.

Article 7: The tenant is liable for damage as a result of theft as well as all other damage, by whatever name and however caused, caused or arisen to the rented property, regardless of whether this is the result of fault of the tenant or third parties. In case of damage, the lessor must be informed at all times and a damage form must be completed on the spot. In the event of theft or loss, the tenant is liable for the replacement value of the rented property, loss of rent is not included. The tenant will reimburse the lessor for the costs of repair or or as well as replacement resulting from the above, including those of damaged parts. In anticipation of the definitive compensation after valuation, the deductible of € 175.00 as referred to in Article 5 will already be charged and must be paid on the spot. After appraisal or repair, the total damage amount will be charged, which must be paid by return. If the total damage is not paid immediately, not only the costs of the damage, but also the (amicable) collection costs, interest and any resulting legal costs will be passed on to the lessor.;

Article 8: Renting the scooters is at your own risk. The lessor is not liable for any form of compensation whatsoever arising during the rental period to the tenant, third parties and / or goods. Traffic violations and the resulting costs are for the account of the tenant, will be charged and must be paid immediately.;

Article 9: The tenant is not permitted to hand over the rented scooter to third parties for use or sublease or to transfer the rental rights in whole or in part to third parties.;

Article 10: The scooters are delivered with a full tank. The fuel amount to be paid will be deducted from the deposit to be refunded. The remainder of the deposit will be refunded to the tenant within 7 days to the account number specified by the tenant.  In case of early return, the full rent remains valid.  When time is exceeded, the minimum rate of one extra hour Rp 100.000 per scooter and the same rate for exceeding the start of each subsequent hour.

Article 11: The lessor is at all times entitled to take the rented property after alleged abuse without a refund of the rent.;

Article 12: Lessor has the right to cancel under certain weather conditions, without mutual costs, if safety is compromised, at the discretion of the lessor;

Article 13: Cancellation free of charge is possible up to 14 days prior to the reserved rental dates. In case of cancellation less than 14 days prior to the reserved rental dates, the tenant is obliged to pay 50% of the total rent. In case of cancellation less than 7 days prior to the reserved rental dates, the tenant is obliged to pay 100% of the total rent. A change in the number of participants (up to 10%) can be communicated in writing up to 7 days prior to the reserved rental dates. The lessor is at all times entitled to suspend or cancel the rental agreement immediately without giving any reason;

Article 14: Prior to the reserved rental period, the renter pays a deposit of Rp 800.000 in cash for the first scooter and Rp 400.000 in cash for each additional scooter. This deposit will be refunded if the rented item is returned in the same condition as upon receipt. The lessor is entitled to set off the amount of any damage against the deposit paid in advance, without prejudice to the lessor’s right to additional compensation. The costs charged for the fuel used will also be deducted from the prepaid deposit, as also stated in Article 10.;

Article 15: Local law applies to our General Rental Conditions and rental agreements.